Did your backups work last night?

Now you can be sure with Watchdog Software. Its world-leading Daily Automated Recovery Testing (DART) technology performs a complete test every night of your physical, virtual and cloud-based servers protected by StorageCraft® ShadowProtect.


You can rest easy knowing that the WatchDog centralised monitoring solution is performing nightly recovery tests to help deliver an exceptionally high degree of confidence that your data is recoverable when needed.

Specifically developed for StorageCraft® ShadowProtect environments, Watchdog Software enables medium to large businesses and IT consultants to monitor multiple servers, installations or sites from a central dashboard.

key benefits

  • your ShadowProtect backups are tested every night using DART technology
  • monitors all your physical, virtual and cloud-based ShadowProtect servers
  • one central dashboard to instantly see the status of your ShadowProtect backups
  • reduce the cost of monitoring your backups - read more here

lastest news

Site update

22 July 2014
The screen shots have been updated to show the imminent WatchDog 8.1 release!

WatchDog 8.0.424-3

22 July 2014
WatchDog 8.0.424 has been updated to 8.0.424-3. Read about the fixes in the release notice here.

WatchDog 8.0.424

20 May 2014
WatchDog 8.0.424 is now available. Read the release notice here.

Site update

7 May 2014
We are giving our site a face lift and much needed update, so please bear with us.

WatchDog 8.0.398

17 February 2014
WatchDog 8.0.398 is now available. Read the release notice here.