Introducing WatchDog

Daily Automated Recovery Testing - made easy

  • Daily Automated Recovery Testing with WatchDog
    Test your StorageCraft® ShadowProtect backups nightly without user involvement...
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Available in the following Editions

SMB Edition

Up to 10 end points

AUD $400

Essentials Edition

Up to 25 end points

AUD $600

Pro Edition

per block of 100 end points

AUD $1,200

On Pricing

Pricing quoted is Recommended Retail Price (RRP) for a one (1) year subscription. Price excludes GST and any applicable local, state, or federal taxes, or import duty that may be applicable to your country. Contact your reseller for an official quotation. Pricing is subject to change without notice.

Customer Testimonials

  • “Watchdog Software is an invaluable add-on to StorageCraft ShadowProtect. From one screen we can see the status of all backup jobs across our 100's of physical and virtual servers. The nightly recovery testing gives us the utmost confidence that we can recover all our, and our customers servers in the event of a disaster. We can now even monitor and track the replication status helping us to ensure our customers can recover locally and remotely if required. Watchdog saves us a huge amount of time and quickly justified the investment.”

    Michael Demery, Director at Seccom Global
  • “Watchdog is a must have add-on for ShadowProtect. Before implementing, we were a little blind as to the backups and whether or not they were working as expected. Now with Watchdog, we know instantly that the backups are working or have an issue due to the fact that we have it displaying in our office for all technicians to see and act upon. We are then able to diagnose within minutes the issues and get the backups back on track to have the data and systems protection we require.”

    Sandy Pennisi, Regional Support Leader at LION (QLD)
  • “Since installing Watchdog we have been able to drastically reduce the amount of time we spend every morning on monitoring our clients backup systems. The Watchdog Central dashboard is easy to read which enables anyone to know if a backup hasn’t completed over the last 24 hours. We use it purely for backup monitoring and it does a great job by allowing us to automate backup image testing each night, which gives us an additional level of confidence that we can recover an image in the event that it is required. We use the simple reporting to make sure that all clients are running the latest version of the software and to detect any sudden growth in their backup size. Watchdog has been a great investment for us and we would definitely recommend it to others that are using ShadowProtect and ImageManager for their backup systems.”

    Daniel Souter, Network Engineer at Pride Business Solutions
  • “WatchDog have created solutions that have significantly improved our backup management and monitoring. The easy to use console saves us time and ensures we are effectively monitoring our ShadowProtect backups. Daily automated recovery testing and updates are handled seamlessly and error reporting is extremely thorough allowing us to quickly identify and resolve issues.”

    Dan Rutter, Remote Support Engineer at TechPath Pty Ltd

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